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Perfect for graduate and undergraduate courses in Human Resources.

Perfect for graduate and undergraduate courses in HR in Health Administration.

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Mike Merrigan
Mike Merrigan

Clinical Professor - Missouri State

I started working with Knowledge Companion several years back. I enjoyed the simulation so much that I got involved as an author. I can't say enough good things about how much my students like the simulation! Working with everyone at Knowledge Companion is very enjoyable. I highly recommend the simulation. 

- Mike Merrigan

Carol Packard
LeAnne Coder

Professor - Western Kentucky University

"The simulation spells it out on its own. I think it’s interesting to see students make what they think are the correct decisions and then try to figure out what went wrong. It’s a great learning tool for them to watch the numbers change in a way that reflects their decision making strategies. We see a nice connection to the text and that engages students."

 – LeAnne Coder 

Janet Beulow

Professor - Georgia Southern University

"I’ve used other simulations and this one by far is the best. It’s flexible, so professors can adjust dates, selected situations and grading. The students are challenged and the various situations really make the course a fast-paced, learning experience. I have recommended this to colleagues who have also adopted the program.”

– Janet Buelow

van Rossum 2
Jerry Van Rossum

Professor - Marygrove College

"We had excellent results when we piloted the program. It has been a staple of our program, with some students indicating it was the highlight of their program! I really enjoy my relationship with Knowledge Companion - they are very responsive.  Sometimes I set things up and some times I ask them too and they get things done fast!"

- Jerry Van Rossum