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"The HRSim exceeded our expectations on all levels.  Impressive responses came from many students who used the program. Many commented on how realistic the simulation was and how much they enjoyed it. The HRSim gives students a realistic preview of what it is like to work in a professional HR environment. I would, and have, recommended it to colleagues."

Jerry Van Rossum - Marygrove College

Our simulations are cloud based, customizable, and provide real time feedback

  • The simulations are completely browser based and set up with default settings - ready to run!
  • Optionally you can customize aspects such as budget, selection of ICPs, availability of quizzes, peer reviews and reports.
  • Create as many teams with as many students as needed - it is flexible.
  • Team codes are available for students so that when they sign up they are put on the right team.
  • Run the simulation for up to 12 quarters - 6 to 8 at least are recommended.
  • After students complete decisions you simply press Run Game and students get results almost instantly.

Prepare students with a briefing and use optional quizzes and peer evaluations.

  • Prepare students by showing the Simulation Briefing PowerPoint Slides which are provided to you.
  • Use the two optional built-in, automatically-scored quizzes to be
    sure students have read the important materials.
  • Use the two optional built-in Peer Evaluations administered and scored automatically over the web to help determine how individuals are doing.

"We learned ways to encourage teams in business but also ways to work with teams and work through disagreements and come up with the best answers and also to distribute workloads equitably."

Michael Dow - Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Purchasing and registration is easy and fast - students can start immediately!

four students with teacher in front of computer
  • While creating an account at hrsimulations.com students are prompted to complete the payment process via PayPal for $39.99.
  • Payment options include eCheck, Debit and Credit cards.
  • Cost covers the use of the software for 1 semester.
  • Refunds are available up until the 1st quarter of the game has been run by the instructor.
  • Invoice and bookstore options are available.
  • Please contact us for corporate pricing at [email protected]

Students consider feedback and revise their strategy each round.

“I found the simulation to be effective in the sense of a realistic HR environment, based on my HR work experience. The issues that encompass this simulation directly pertain to real world issues in business. The effects of making a bad decision directly affect productivity, profitability,  and other aspects of a business just like in a real company.”

Mary Peed - California State University, Chico

  • Let teams demonstrate learning by providing a debriefing to the class after a selected quarter is completed. Many instructors assign teams to ICPs and/or quarters of the  simulation.
  • Students create new strategies based on results and the automatically generated feedback provided after each quarter. They continue in this manner until the simulation is complete!
  • Our Grade Book is automatically populated with scores like team ranking, quiz and peer evaluation.
  • Easily uploaded to systems like Blackboard, Canvas, and others.

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