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We will send you an email with more information on how to access your demo. You can run the demo yourself or set up a time for us to walk you through it. Up to you! In the meantime, here are a few additional answers to popular questions.

We can set you up in about 20 minutes. The simulation has default settings so you could literally set up and start running the simulation in about 20 minutes. We have had instructors do this after getting a last minute assignment - and we help them every step of the way! 

Yes, we recommend having all the grad students be on teams of 1 - themselves, and undergrads on teams of 3 or 4. Next, add two scenarios to solve for each quarter for the grad students and only 1 for the undergrads! Also, some of the Internal Consulting Projects (ICPs) are more difficult than others so choose those difficult ones for the grad students! 

The simulation, done using our approach of building a Strategic Plan prior to running, has students looking ahead in their chapters to pick out key points the author is making. Then the students write a brief analysis after each quarter is run and combine all these into a final report. The students get very engaged with the textbook this way, and instructors report they cannot imagine NOT using the simulation to teach their course!

We can help you see how other professors have integrated it into their courses. We provide sample syllabi and schedules for spreading the simulation out over the course of the semester, running it all at the end or running it over the second half of the semester, and running it over a weekend or two. Take your pick!